Company Registration in UAE


The Company Registration Process in UAE is well structured with a set of activities to register the company successfully. Alansari International Group will handle the complete process of company registration in UAE. The Team provides unmatched support until the company documents are delivered to the investor and beyond.

The process of company registration in UAE start with choosing the right tradename and getting the approval. Then the investor must choose the right business activities under their trade license. The company is legally entitled to conduct trade or offer services depending on the chosen business activities.

Next step in the registration process is the submission of the application form, supporting documents, investor profile, etc. to the respective authorities. Investor has to pay the trade license fee to obtain the company documents and trade license. Now they can apply for an investor visa and bank account.


Finalize the company name and business activity. The Tradename must be approved by the authority to start the process of company registration.

Alansari International Group will coordinate and submit documents for company name and facilitate the business activity approval. It is an important step in the company registration process in Dubai. Selecting the right business activity is essential because the trade license will reflect the selected list of business activities. Business can only trade in the selected list of business activities included in the trade license.


Prepare all the required documents, shareholder details, and arrange for the document submission to the respective authority. In UAE, the company can be opened without the actual presence of the shareholder.

Alansari International Group team will coordinate the processing of the company license and other documents. The team ensures a hassle-free company registration in the shortest possible time.


Apply for the UAE Residence Visa for the investors soon after the company documents are approved and trade license is available. The investors who intent to start a business in the UAE are eligible for a long -term residence visa.

Alansari International Group will apply for the company immigration card and UAE Residence Visa. Our PRO Agents will assist in preparing the residence visa application form for the investors. Our Team also helps in arranging supporting documents and coordinates the visa processing with the Government Authorities.


The investor has to fly to UAE for doing Medical Test and Stamp Residence Visa on their passport. The processing of the Emirates ID Application requires an in-country medical examination for the investor.

After the Medical Examination and Emirates ID Application submission, the UAE Residence visa application will be started for the investor. Our expert PRO Agents will coordinate the Visa documentation, processing, stamping, and delivering the passport to the investor at the earliest.


We co-ordinate effectively with UAE bank to open company and personal bank accounts. The Physical Presence of shareholders is required when opening a corporate bank account as part of KYC Compliance.

The investor can fly down to Dubai, get the Emirates ID, Medical and Corporate Bank Account opened all at one go. The paperwork for bank account opening can be done remotely, the presence is required only for verification purposes.

Associate with the right business consultants such as Alansari International Group to represent and act as your agent. Get professional consulting support from our experts in all services related to business registration and allied support services. We have dedicated PRO Service Agents for handling every investor’s specific business requirements. The team will coordinate document processing, company registration, collection, and delivery without any hassle for the investors.


Choosing the right business activity and a legal form of business are the prerequisites for a Mainland Business Setup in UAE. The legal form of business in UAE are Single owner company, partnership, corporation, and LLC.

Broadly, the business licenses in UAE are categorized into the following:

  A Commercial License that covers all kind of trading activities
  A Professional License that covers specialized professional services, craftsmen and artisans;
  An Industrial License for establishing industrial or manufacturing activity.

These licenses are issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED). However, licenses for some categories of business requires approval from certain ministries and other government authorities.

DED has more than 3000 activities grouped under a wide range of business license categories. Investors can choose from the business activity list while setting up their company in UAE.

For practicing trade activities such as jewellery or insurance, the company is required to submit a financial guarantee issued by a bank operating in Dubai. In general, all commercial and industrial businesses in UAE should be registered with the Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Investors have to choose business license, trade name and activity as the first step. Followed by the legal business forms to create the company structure.

There are a set of  Legal Business Forms for investors to choose while setting up a company in the UAE mainland. Depending on the shareholding structure, capital investment, and business activity, investors can choose the suitable legal business category. Investors can choose the right company structure with the support of our legal experts and business consultants.

Alansari International Group strives to assists investors in all possible ways throughout the process of setting up the Mainland company. Our expert team provides comprehensive business consulting and ample information to the investors for making informed decisions regarding company setup.

UAE Mainland  is home to numerous large multi-national companies, small and medium companies. There is a high demand for retail shops, restaurants, coffee shops, shopping centres and more. Brands around the world are looking for an opportunity to tap into the mainland of UAE.

Mainland Company Registration in UAE is one of the most sought-after business investments. Investors can actively reach out to the multi-cultural audience and expand to the local UAE markets.

There are significant changes in the Mainland Company Registration Process after the Amendment of the Commercial Companies Law. Now, to register a Mainland Company in the UAE there is no requirement of a local sponsor/local service agent.

The mainland companies can now be completely expatriate owned across selected business categories ranging from commercial, industrial, trading, etc. However, there are a few strategic sectors such as energy, banking, Oil & Gas, etc., that do not allow 100% expatriate ownership.


The Limited Liability Company structure is one of the popular company structures in the mainland of UAE. Investors choose Limited Liability Company usually when there are more than 2 shareholders (up to 50). There are various business benefits in setting up an LLC Company in the region for the entrepreneurs.

Liability in the LLC company is only to extent of the shares owned by the Investor. Limited Liability Companies can be formed in the Mainland of UAE for a variety of business activities. Commercial, Services, and industrial activities can be executed through the formation of an LLC Company.

For LLC Company Formation there is a 100% expatriate ownership on the selected list of business activities. There is no requirement of a local UAE National Sponsor for setting up an LLC Company in the mainland of UAE.


Professionals in the field of consulting, legal, accounting, doctors, etc., can form a Civil Work Company in the Mainland of UAE. The owner can retain 100% ownership of the company’s shares. A Civil Work Company can be registered with the Department of Economic Development (DED) of the respective emirates in UAE.

To easily start a business in UAE, opening a Civil Works Company is a good option for skilled professionals. The Dubai Economy offers a wide range of Professional Licenses for entrepreneurs to choose from. Opening a Civil Works Company in UAE has numerous benefits for entrepreneur. The 100% ownership for the shareholder with no requirement of a UAE National as partner is a key highlight.


Investors having a Free Zone company in UAE or any company outside of UAE can form a Branch in the Mainland. There are certain requirements and criteria for the formation of a Branch or a Representative Office. Opening a branch office is a lucrative business investment for foreign companies. It is a perfect option for companies looking at actively expanding to the UAE Local markets.

Branch Office enables large organizations to streamline their business operations across new markets. It also enables investor to test the market conditions and audience response before investing in a wide expansion plan.

Our team of professionals will assist you in the end-to-end business support services in UAE for new company registration and beyond. Following are the Step by step company registration process in UAE.

Mainland Company in UAE is a company that is registered by the Department of Economic Development of the respective emirate. DED provides various business licenses for the investors who wish to establish a company in UAE. Mainland Business Setup in UAE is the perfect option for investors to gain a strong presence in the UAE’s local market. Companies registered in the mainland is also known as onshore company.

Limited Liability Company is the most sought-after company type when it comes to mainland company formation in UAE. LLC is the most registered mainland company type in UAE. Mainland Business Setup provides the investors more flexibility in terms of business expansion. It enables investors to easily open new office space or warehouses, add more employees, work with Government projects, and much more.

The 100% expatriate ownership in the UAE mainland company makes it an investor’s favourite choice. It also provides the investors the flexibility to open an Office Space and warehouse facility anywhere in UAE. Thereby helping investors to keep the business setup cost and operating expenses low.

Also, a mainland company in UAE helps the investor to easily expand the staff count and open new branches in UAE. Registering a Limited Liability Company in UAE Mainland is a good option for companies aiming for a local or international expansion. It also facilitates easy trade and customs clearance.

To know more about LLC Business Setup and the Steps involved in setting up an LLC Business in UAE, Read:


Free Zone Company Registration in UAE is relatively easier than Mainland Company Formation. The Free Zones in Dubai are preferred for their ease of setting up a business, world-class facility and business ecosystem.

One of the major advantages of a Designated Free Zone Company Setup is the exemption from VAT (Value Added Tax). Also, the running expenses for a Free Zone Company is minimal for entrepreneurs. All the payments for the usage of office space, amenities and utilities are paid upfront on an annual basis.

The Free Zone Company Registration in Dubai has a host of business benefits such as
Exemption from VAT
Exemption from filing audit report
100% transfer of profits
Availability of international quality warehouses

Free Zones in Dubai offers one of the best Company Formation Packages at an affordable cost. The minimum cost of registering a Free Zone Company in Dubai is AED 13,900. Free Zones in Dubai offers a wide range of business activities for investors to start their business in UAE.

To know more on the list of activities and favorable Free Zone for your Company Setup , talk to our experts!


Offshore Company in Dubai is a legal business entity formed for coordinating international trade. Offshore Companies in UAE are registered as International Business Company (IBC). They are out of the scope of UAE’s local business jurisdictions and Legal systems. Also, they fall outside the scope of VAT and UAE Customs.

However, Offshore Companies are not eligible to trade in the local UAE market. Mostly international trading companies, holding companies, consulting services, property investors, etc., register for Offshore Companies.

Offshore Companies are not eligible to apply for any Residence Visa for their employees. Opening a bank account is possible but time consuming due to strict compliance checks. Offshore Company Registration is secure and offers the investor a whole lot of benefits. Various business incentives such as tax savings, profit transfer and foreign ownership.

UAE Free Zones are the designated areas in UAE, where the expatriates can fully own and operate their business. Free Zone Company Registration in UAE is a prospective business investment for expatriates from all over the world.

The Free Zones of UAE has become the major trading hub of the region due to the business support initiatives offered by the UAE Government and the Free Zone Authorities. Anyone can setup a Free Zone Company in UAE in a hassle-free way with affordable company registration fee. The minimum cost of opening a free zone company in Dubai is AED 11,900.

Foreign investors choose UAE for establishing a company due to the stable political conditions, secured life, efficient law and order, tax haven status, and many more business benefits. There are more than 45 Free Zones in the UAE and each of the major Free zones hosts more than 8000+ companies. The features such as business freedom and no tax jurisdiction make UAE free zones unique and prime spot to set up companies.

Alansari International Group is a team of professional experts who can handle the complete assignment of Free Zone Company Registration in UAE. We act as a single-window solution for the investors to reduces the hassles of free zone company formation in UAE and get everything done the fastest possible way.

Our team is proficient in the successful execution of the following company setup related services.
  Setting up a UAE Freezone Company
  Obtaining a Trade License,
  Chamber of Commerce registration,
  Opening of Bank Account,
  Getting Director Visa under company and family visa,
  Arranging office staff, accounting services, and all requirements associated with the company.


A Free Zone License in UAE is a legal company document that allows the investor to conduct trade or any other business activity in the designated area. Depending on the specific business activity, the entrepreneur can apply for the specific Free Zone License.

The Free Zone License is issued by the respective Free Zone Authority to the investor after registering the company. It is important to choose the right business activity for the company formation. There are many business benefits to registering a company with the Free Trade Zones in UAE.

The Trade License will be having the list of business activities selected by the investor. The company is legally entitled to carry out only those business activities listed under its Free Zone License in UAE. Investors can choose up to 10 business activities under a single trade license. However, depending on the specific Free Trade Zone, the activity selection and number of activities vary.


A Free Zone Company is a legal entity that is registered in any of the 45 plus Free Trade Zones of the UAE. The Free Zone Establishment (FZE) is the most common company structure in the Free Trade Zone.

In an FZE company, there will be only one shareholder. On the other hand, if there are more than one shareholder it will be registered as a Free Zone Company (FZC). Using the Free Zone Company in UAE the investors can facilitate trade and other business operations without any hassle.

A Free Zone Company in UAE has many business benefits and the investor can choose from various office spaces that suit their specific business requirement. The Free Zones in UAE offer a host of competitive company formation packages for investors to easily set up a company in the region.


Free Zone companies are onshore companies that fulfil all the eligibility to trade or liaise worldwide and also within the UAE, subject to customs laws applicable to the transit of goods. Under a Free Zone Company Registration, an investor is issued a 2-year Investor Residence Visa and is allowed to hire employees under the company depending on the visa quota (can be added as per requirement).

Each of the Free Trade Zones in the UAE is governed by its respective Free Zone Authority. Though these Licensing Authorities are generally within the ambit of UAE Law and regulations, they are independent and have separate regulations. They issue the Trade License, provide the right business infrastructure, approve employee visa applications, provide guidelines for fair functioning of business, and more.

Also, Free Trade Zones in UAE are beneficial for foreign investors in terms of Tax Savings. There is no Personal Income Tax in UAE and only a 9% Corporate Tax will be levied starting from June 2023 for companies meeting certain criteria. There are a few designated Free Zones in UAE where the 5% VAT (Value-Added-Tax) is exempted for certain transactions. Thus, overall UAE Free Zones are a perfect Tax Haven for foreign investors with minimal tax amounts when compared to their home country.

Free zones in UAE offer the investors and business owners a multi-level incentive to set up their businesses in the country. Free Zones in UAE provide various company licenses to the investors based on their desired business activity. Finding a suitable free zone for the business activity based on the budget and the time frame is a challenge for every investor. That’s is where ALANASRI INTERNATIONAL GROUP will assist in choosing the right Free Zone for your business.


The Free Zone Company in the UAE remains the most sought-after company structure among foreign investors due to several investor benefits such as:
100% Foreign Ownership
Tax-free Income – No Corporate or Income Tax
100% profit repatriation and capital transfer
3-Year Residence Visa and Multi-Year License>
Few Free Zones in UAE are VAT exempted Free Zones – No VAT Applicable for business transactions within the Free Zone
Access to world-class infrastructure facilities (Fully- Furnished Office Spaces, 24/7 access, security, and more)
Most of the Free Zones in UAE are gated and have an in-house Customs Checkpoint allowing easy transit of goods
No Customs Duty on imports to the Free Zones. Perfect choice for Trading Companies operating locally as well as in international markets/li>
World-Class Warehousing facilities for storage, packaging & light manufacturing
Proximity to one of the busiest Airports and Seaports of the world
Global Connectivity – Direct Connection via Airport, Seaports to more than 180 Countries of the world
Easily scale-up business by leveraging the enormous business opportunities through networking, meeting, events at the Free Zones


The Free Zone company can be registered with or without an office. The company must be registered with the Chamber of Commerce and it should obtain Import Export code to facilitate imports and exports. After one year of incorporation of the company, a Tax Residency Certificate can be obtained from UAE. Investors can take advantage of the  Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) and save taxes in their home country.

Also, Free zone company bank account can be opened in any of the banks in UAE with an active online banking facility, debit card, credit card, checkbook, and other trade facilities.

In short, UAE free zone company formation is the most feasible method to promote business in the Middle East and North African region.